“The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are”

- Carl Jung


Counselling & Energy Healing

‘I’ve had some healing sessions with Sarah, as part of this, I had some counselling prior to the sessions. We looked at current feelings I felt were coming up for me and how these issues may be related to my past experiences. I hadn’t really thought about this before but it really helped me make sense of things. I felt safe being guided by Sarah and I was surprised at what came up for me. Having this knowledge has helped me be more mindful of the situations in my current life, and this is helping me in my personal growth. Sarah was very skilled, professional and knowledgeable. I felt I could be totally honest and open with my feelings. I felt she could really relate to my situations and was very empathetic. Sarah is a very warm, non-judgemental and compassionate person and this comes across in her approach. I enjoyed the spiritual aspect of her counselling, as I am interested in this and in personal growth. She managed to intertwine these two perfectly for me. I felt like this worked really well, if this is something people are interested in. I felt Sarah had a genuine and authentic approach and is very conscientious about her work. Thank you, Sarah.’

Jemma, Chesterfield (June 2022)

‘I have been meeting with Sarah for a while now and have found her to be very helpful and patient with me. My skills I work with mean that I rarely allow others into my space unless I trust them. Sarah has a gift that I resonate with and is able to advise and support me, being so likeminded.

Sarah’s ability to listen when needed and allow me to connect on a soul level and get messages through, using her as a conduit is very unique. I haven’t found anyone able to work with me this way. She is respectful of my gift, but also being a mental health patient, she is able to discuss subjects with me and bring issues forward in a way that I can embrace them from a third persons, yet balanced perspective. I am very aware of Sarah’s latent gifts and the path she is taking. Just as she teaches me how to interact in a professional way, she is also showing a competency of working energetically and her sensitivity to Spirit is a joy to watch. In return I can verify her messages and abilities, helping help her to trust and believe in her intuition and Spiritual guidance, just as she has been a huge help encouraging me to trust in my journey, when the going gets tough.

Sarah comes over as a quiet sensitive soul and gives off an energy that makes you feel welcomed and safe. She is easy to talk to and I always leave feeling calmer, more focused and emptied of unwanted emotions. I would encourage anyone to have a session with Sarah. She has a special way of connecting with folk. I for one look forward to our sessions and I come out feeling wonderful and with a big smile on my face, knowing I have been in the presence of a very special soul, who has much to offer the community with her Soul Rainbow Counselling.’

Many thanks and much success to you on your path Sarah

With love and gratitude

xx Wildkatt xx

‘Today I was so excited to have had my first ever Shamanic Healing treatment. Not really knowing too much about it initially and what to expect from the treatment, I guess I was also a little apprehensive. However, Sarah soon made me feel at ease. She was very professional in her explanation of the process and what I was to expect.  Having had many holistic treatments in the past it is a rarity and so pleasing to cross paths with someone who is truly naturally gifted.
I can highly recommend Sarah and will definitely be visiting her for further sessions’

Shona, Chesterfield (May 2022)

‘Sarah is a beautiful, honest & clear hearted healing practitioner. It is obvious she has been on a big & deep journey herself & she holds a really genuine, warm & down to earth space.  I am very sensitive & after some bad experiences with spiritual healers am sometimes very self-protective & guarded, but I felt in very safe, non-judgmental / jargony hands with Sarah & all my treatments were deeply relaxing & insightful.  You can feel that Sarah cares & that she comes from the heart 😊🙏 Thankyou 💗’

Laura, Matlock (August 2022)

‘I had a wonderful session with Sarah recently, I had come to the session very overwhelmed with a certain life circumstance and through Sarah's healing work was able to find deep peace within myself. Sarah has such a beautiful connection to Source and the way she works with energy is very clear, she has a really amazing intuitive gift of knowing where the energy work needs to be focused. Sarah has a warm and welcoming presence about her that instantly put me at ease. It was truly a wonderful session, thank you Sarah.’

Jasmin, Belper (Sept 2022)

‘I felt instantly at ease arriving for my session with Sarah. After discussing what the session would involve, I was guided into a deep state of relaxation, where I felt many sensations throughout my body, most profoundly a feeling of peace and contentment in my mind – I had been taken to a place of complete tranquillity! I felt a Powerful energy shift and release in my body where Sarah sensed blocked energy which needed soothing. This left me feeling very energised, lighter and unburdened after the session. Sarah held the space beautifully and the gifts she shared were extremely healing – thank you x’

Lucy, Belper (May 2023)

‘Truly enjoyed my energy healing with Sarah. Already felt comfortable when we started, as she has such loving and non-judgmental presence. could easily relax when the healing started, however after about 15 minutes felt myself sinking into way deeper level of relaxation. Fully surrendering my body and mind. Interestingly, got vision of my body looking like battery that was being charged while she was doing her work on me. Felt so calm after and slept for hours in row the nights after – which hasn’happened to me in quite some time. Thank you so much Sarah.’

Amber, Netherlands (Oct 2023)

‘Sarah has very comforting energy which allowed me to open up during the session. This led me to experience profound sense of love within me. found this incredibly healing as held belief that needed certain person to feel that depth of love. The session helped show me that love comes from within. now feel more free, whole and at peace. am finding more joy in my work and in life. feel very privileged to have experienced such powerful yet gentle energy healing. Thank you Sarah.’

Arthur, London (May 2024)