“Midlife is the time to let go of an over dominant ego and contemplate the deeper significance of human existence”

- Carl Jung

WHO AM I? We come to a point in our lives when we start to question, WHY? There begins our journey, our quest for self-knowledge and freedom!

I went through most of my life not realising there was a part of me lifeless, nothing really excited me and I just felt numb. Another part, stressed and anxious, feeling tension in my body and not knowing why. It didn’t make sense to me, so I asked, why? Why don’t I feel excited, why am I so stressed and anxious? Why am I feeling this, who am I? Something deep within me was desperate to find the answers. I was like a wolf that had suddenly found the scent of its prey…head to the ground…nothing could distract me...Once I had picked up the signal from my soul and answered the call that was it, something else took over, something far greater than who I’d known myself to be, this is the power of the Soul.

In 2016, after this questioning I was called to start my counselling training which triggered my own healing journey. In December 2016 something very profound happened to me whilst walking in my local woods. I was fully in the present moment and I saw the beauty in everything it was euphoric. It was at that point I realised who I was (or who I wasn’t), I felt a oneness with everything, there was no separation. Abraham Maslow called this, a ‘Peak experience’ and this temporary experience changed the course of my life. Later I found out that I had started the process of a spiritual awakening and was waking up to who I was and my soul purpose in life.

Spiritual Journey
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Sometime afterwards I connected with and experienced my own pain which I had been disconnected from since childhood. Although this was extremely uncomfortable it was a necessity for me to feel this pain to move forward with my life. During this time, I experienced first-hand the benefit of counselling and found it invaluable in helping me process what was happening within and outside of myself. For me the biggest impact was having someone truly listen to me, a feeling I had not experienced before.

I have been blessed with unique gifts to help shift and inspire people from living in fear, stress and anxiety towards a place of balance, peace and trust. How I can help with this shift is because I have been going through it over the years, I have reached the depths of my soul and come out the other side with the strength, courage and determination to create a more fulfilling life for myself in alignment with my own truth and authenticity.

My niche, as a result of realising my own spiritual path and going through various challenging times during my midlife, is to help people navigate through these dark times and to see a way through to the light. The transformation of the caterpillar in the chrysalis is a perfect metaphor for the need to go through the dark stages of life before becoming a beautiful free butterfly.